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Crash Course on YouTube

Feel like binge watching the history of mankind? How about exploring the cosmos? Ever wonder how the US government is SUPPOSED to work? Look no further than the awesome folks over at Crash Course on YouTube. Devised by the enterprising fraternal duo of Hank and John Green (yes, that John Green), Crash Course offers in-depth multi-episode journeys through (as of right now)…

US Government and Politics
Anatomy and Physiology
World History
World History 2 (where John concentrates on broader themes through history rather than the specific eras and events covered in World History 1)
Big History (in which the brothers take us on a trip from the big bang to the future)
US History
Intellectual Property

All of the videos are relatively short – hovering around the ten-minute mark, and are very entertaining (in a nerdy kind of way).

You can peruse the entire catalog here, but first here’s a taste of some early World History to get you going. (spoiler alert: the Mongols are pretty much the exception to every rule in civilization-building)

And everything is on the test! -John Green


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  1. The Bat The Bat

    I love that you are doing this , it almost makes me want to do something similar …. Then the kids interrupted me typing this and I realize I don’t have time . Keep it up .

    • PianoJoshDupont PianoJoshDupont

      Haha! I will.

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