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I Thought It Was Clever

[Turns out Facebook doesn’t think an article with yesterday’s title is worth sharing (it appeared on fewer than ten timelines – usually it’s in the hundreds)! I’m not going to even include the name in this post, just in case the anti-spam algorithm searches the text of a blog post, too. You can check it out for yourself in the archives. Anyways, here’s the post from yesterday whose title Facebook didn’t care for.] -Josh

[title redacted]

Read, read, read! Keep those grey cells healthy and multiplying.

One resource you may not be taking advantage of is your local library’s e-book services. Here in Madison, our library uses the OverDrive app for e-book borrowing. All of the books that are available through OverDrive (and there are thousands) can be read directly from the in-app reader, and -get this- most of them can be downloaded straight to your Kindle! You get the book for twenty-one days and can renew it if no one is waiting for it. There are many new releases represented on the virtual shelf, and you have the ability to request that new titles be added to the service as resources become available (“resources” = “money.” There is a voluntary donation button in the app.). For those who lean more toward the aural experience, there are a bunch of audiobooks through the service, too. Did I mention that all of this is free‽ What are you waiting for? Hop to it!

Call To Action – Head over to your library or to their website and see if there is an e-book service available for you. Keep reading!


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