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Morning Routine

The morning is the best time for getting things done. Your mind is fresh, your body is restored from sleep, and everything seems new. Why not take advantage of the morning every day.

Here’s the morning routine I wish I could stick to. I have designed it around self-improvement and sparking creativity. I’ve been getting better, and every time I do it I feel amazing, but sometimes lazy Josh wins, and I just head out to the neighborhood cafe without challenging my body or mind at all.

I begin each day with my normal hygiene regimen. One thing I’m still trying to puzzle out is how to do good note-taking in the shower, because I’ll be damned if that’s not where I do some of my best thinking! Any suggestions in the comments below would be most welcome.

Next, I start my water heating up for tea and start my workout. I have been trying an app called the 7-minute workout (Google Play Store), and it’s been great. The workout is in thirty-second increments, so when the water is ready, it’s easy to pause the workout and start my tea steeping. (Pro tip – I had been doing it barefooted, and I wound up hurting myself – wear shoes, people!)

The workout over and tea prepared, I throw on the day’s clothes and grab the morning paper. I prefer to only read the local and state section, as well as the editorials. I keep up with national and world news online fairly well, but the newspaper is tops for the local beat! I sit in my favorite chair in front of a south-facing window, soak some sun, sip my tea, and read the paper. Perfect morning.

Off to work!

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