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Month: September 2018

Trust and Training

Trust your employees. Trust them to represent the company’s ideals, because you have instilled those ideals in them. Train your people to view every moment of incident from the client’s point of view. Each moment of incident is an opportunity to determine an action that brings value to the client and, in the end, bolsters the company.

A Great Team

How do you develop a great team?

It’s a big weekend for our company (, but amazingly I have a relaxing Saturday of casual house work ahead of me. I know that our clients are in good hands.

Develop a great team, and you can take a breath every once in a while.

Good team members know that they have support among their peers. They are not afraid to ask for help, and that help is always forthcoming. In short, your people can depend on each other, and you can depend on that system. They are accountable to each other, and therefore to the company as well. Nurture that.