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Allow yourself to feel passionate about your job.

Get attached.

Fall in love.

It’s okay to nerd out. It’s okay to talk people’s ears off about the things you like.

It only makes you happier and more of an asset in the future, so find something you like about your job and focus on it.



Disclaimer – this post is not meant to dissuade you from specializing. Once you find that thing with which you have a fierce connection, by all means, specialize. Go after it an inch wide and a mile deep. But if you are still looking for that magic nut you want to spend your whole life cracking, you’ll have be open to shifting tides and rolling with the punches life throws at you. Follow the course of progress wherever it leads – we all know the technologies we depended upon a decade ago are now the punchlines of jokes. Never stop learning, and you will increase your marketability every day.

Don’t miss opportunities when they present themselves at inopportune times simply because they aren’t what you imagine yourself doing forever.


Small Talk II – What If You Can’t Leave

Yesterday I wrote about getting out of small talk situations by simply not allowing the conversation to reach that tipping point. Get out, and get out quick! But sometimes it’s a little stickier than that.

Sometimes you cannot just turn and leave. Let’s say you’re sharing a table at a dinner event. Stop with the small talk. Wouldn’t the evening be more enjoyable if you went straight for the BIG TALK instead? Instead of the “where are you from” story (which I have personally grown awfully tired of recounting), ask for the “what are you passionate about” story. I mean really passionate. What is the one thing that you could talk about for hours if you wanted to?

Maybe they’re hesitant. No matter – tell them your passion. Really dig into it. Let yourself get excited! Give them an energy to match and a sea of information. As you’re spouting all of your lore and weaving your tales of intrigue, chances are that something will strike a chord with them, and they’ll come back at you. Then – BOOM! You’re having a real conversation. One that you may even enjoy!

If no chords get struck, then you’ve still gotten to talk about that thing you love talking about. The score remains you: 1, small talk: 0


What tips do you have for navigating the murky seas of chatter? Do you enjoy small talk? Have you mastered the art? Let everyone know in the comments!

Be Actively Passionate

One thing I have learned from being a business owner and performer is to be actively passionate about what I do. I love playing the piano in front of a crowd. I love the energy that crowd gives back to me. I even have a business doing what I love. But simply loving all of it is not enough. Sometimes headaches arise. Sometimes I have to deal with people whose energy wants to bring me down. That’s when I have to remind myself to be actively passionate – to let my passion boil through to the surface, swim in it, and show it. If I’m not excited about what I’m doing, how can I expect anyone else to be. Don’t be passionate. Do passionate. Let people see and feel what gets you going. Be an evangelist for your loves in life.

I know not everyone has a job they are passionate about, but find something in your life that wakes you up. Is it cooking? sports? The Walking Dead? Let people know what you are wild about. The world could do with a little more passion, so spread it around.


What are you passionate about? Comment below!