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Song of Power – Power of Song

Song can add power to words. Music creates a magic beyond that which words alone can achieve. It is not simple, though – only the perfect combination of rhythm, melody, and harmony can set fire to the emotions smoldering beneath the words.


  • Stretch out your body – try a little light yoga after waking up in the morning. I enjoy a simple “Sun Salutation” (I learned it on the Nintendo Wii!).
  • Stretch out your mind – make time for reading every day. Fiction or nonfiction, it doesn’t matter.
  • Stretch out your soul – find a way to be creative every day. For me, I try to sit down for fifteen minutes each day to play and write at the piano.
  • Stretch out your heart – when interacting with other people, lead with love. Imagine the best in them. It may seem like you’re leaving yourself open and vulnerable, but take the chance. It can expand your everyday relationships to something more meaningful and powerful. As we age, our default becomes cynicism and skepticism. Fight it!

Every Day – Inspiration

Find inspiration every day.

  • Read a chapter – Right now I’m reading “A Romance on Three Legs: Glenn Gould’s Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Piano” by Katie Hafner.
  • Quietly sit – Go to a park and absorb some nature. Go to a coffee shop and absorb some commotion. Feed your senses.
  • Listen to a “brand new music” playlist – All of the streaming music services have a collection of cutting edge releases. Check them out!

Light a spark. Set your creativity ablaze! 


Pen and Paper

field notesThere is still plenty of room for physical creative tools in today’s digital world. The weight of a pen and the touch of paper can sometimes be the best conduit for getting ideas out of your head, and for recording and exchanging that most precious and ephemeral of commodities – information. I whip out the notepad whenever I need to make a quick drawing, sketch out a map, or simply to jot down an idea to flesh out later. Something like Evernote or Google Keep can be good for the next step of informational organization, but for the raw idea dump, you can’t beat pen and paper.

I have recently fallen in love with a line of notebooks from a company in Chicago called “Field Notes.” The memo books are the perfect size for slipping into a pocket and are extremely durable. Plus, their mantra of “I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now” rings especially true to me. In my line of work, for instance, the best method of memorizing lyrics is to simply write them down. The combination of thinking about something and physically recording it at the same time somehow really cements the information in your skull.

I pair my notebook with the Fisher Space Pen. Yeah, it can write upside down, etc., but it’s the form factor that makes it a winner in my book. The small size when capped is completely unnoticeable in my front pants pocket, and the pen extends to make it a convenient writing size.

Paper is lightweight, never runs out of batteries, and if it’s well-made, can even stand up to the elements. Grab a sheet and keep writing, my friends!


Write Every Day

I am not a good writer. I happily admit it. But I do know the secret to becoming a better writer, and it’s kind of what this website thing is all about. Are you ready? To become a better writer – write. Write every day. Your brain is like a muscle, and like any muscle, it can’t get stronger unless it’s worked out. Of course reading a lot and studying others’ thoughts on writing can help, but nothing gets you better faster than sitting down and doing it every day (at least I hope so!).

For example, when I first started songwriting, it was a real struggle. It was difficult to flesh out any ideas I had, lyrics came painfully slow, and it was all pretty cheesy at the end of the day. But guess what. The more I did it – the more I sat down and made myself try to come up with something – ANYTHING – the easier it became. I started writing songs I was proud of and that other people wanted to hear… hear multiple times! I even accomplished a personal life goal of mine and released an album (iTunes, CDBaby). [Quick side note – when I did a Google search to find the links for my album, I discovered that someone is selling a used one that I had signed. Haha! That really tickles me for some reason. Here it is if you want it – Amazon.]

Call to action – If you have something you want to accomplish, don’t just take the first steps. Dive in. Everyone knows the best way to learn a new language is through total immersion. It’s no different with learning to do anything else. (Disclaimer – maybe not ANYTHING else. This is probably not the best method for learning lion taming, for instance)

Have you discovered any tips and tricks for improving your own writing? Share it with everyone in the comments.